DEF-ISL (Indian Sign Language Mobile App)

The DEF-ISL app makes learning sign language easy, accessible and interesting. Packed with 50,000+ easy-to-understand signs and phrases. With built-in videos and illustrations, this easy to navigate app can be used by children and adults alike who are deaf or partially deaf or simply have an interest in furthering their knowledge of Indian Sign Language. The customized mobile app is available for download on iOS and Android platforms and thus offers an opportunity for anyone and everyone to learn Indian Sign Language. This project promotes a more inclusive society by enabling people to learn ISL reach out to the Deaf community more easily.
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Talk big (phrasal verb) Word of the Day for August 4th

Talk big (phrasal verb)

Meaning – talk boastfully or overconfidently,

Sentence – Herry was new to the job but he was already talking big.
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