T.K.M Sandeep

T.K.M. Sandeep
Founder & President 

T.K.M.Sandeep has more than two decades of experience in leading and managing the organisation for improving education and awareness. He is an inspiring speaker, mentor to the deaf young people. He founded DEF to achieve free barrier communication for the deaf by providing skills training to the deaf people.
His area of expertise is leadership skills and uplifting deaf community in India. He applied to run with the Deaf Way Foundation as Computer Instructor and later promoted to South Regional Coordinator in Hyderabad and led up to training centers, i.e. Chennai and Vijayawada. He is a Vice President of National Association of the Deaf, New Delhi.

He also Managing Director of Talking Hands Restaurant in Hyderabad and another Talking Hands Café, Secunderabad.

He has been invited speaker at several states, regional and internal conferences. He has attended the Asia Pacific Representative Secretariat in the World Federation of the Deaf held in Nepal in 2008 and also Grassroots Advocacy International Leadership Training, Gallaudet University in USA in 2012.

He was invited International Plenary Speaker for the commission on Employment in India at XVIII World Congress of World Federation of the Deaf , Paris, France in 2019