Youth Advancement

Advocacy Training Workshops

One of the major goals of DEF is Advocacy and creating awareness about the problems of the Deaf and hearing impaired persons in India. Toward this end, DEF is working side by side with various NGOs and other Deaf organizations such as the National Association of the Deaf to meet common goals.


DEF is imparting advocacy training to Deaf persons so as to empower them and enable them to stand up for their rights. This helps the Deaf community to become more participative in social and legal matters that concern them as citizens.

Leadership Training Workshop for the Deaf Youth

The importance of Leadership Training cannot be emphasized enough. Looking forward to a better future for the Deaf in India without investing in the leadership skills of the next generation would rightly be called ‘short-sightedness’.
DEF is concerned that the future of their organization and the Deaf community should be secure in well trained and groomed leaders. Thus Leadership Training is one of the important training programmes we have.

Activities and Adventure for the Youth

DEF’s work with Deaf youth is centred on giving them a positive outlook about themselves as individuals and helping them to build their lives with confidence. To this end DEF conducts seminars to help young Deaf people prepare themselves to handle the situations they will come across due to their deafness.


DEF wants to encourage the all-round development of Deaf youth and therefore it organizes Adventure Camps too. These camps help in developing positive attitudes, building leadership skills and inculcating a sense of responsibility and team spirit among them. The camps include activities like river rafting, rock climbing, rappelling, trekking and the like.


The Deaf youth are trained so that their talents and capabilities can be developed and channelized in a positive way. They are encouraged to share this knowledge with other young Deaf people throughout the country.