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Deaf Enabled Foundation


The Deaf Enabled Foundation is an organization that is made of the Deaf, for the Deaf and by the Deaf. It was founded in October 2009. DEF’s objective is to prepare the Deaf to walk with the times. We are dedicated to work for the development of the Deaf community and enhancing the quality of their lives by providing educational facilities, promoting socio-cultural awareness and working towards barrier free communication for the Deaf.


The main activities include Educational and Training Programmes such as Computer Courses, Vocational Courses, Practical Life Skill Training, English Courses and an Architectural Course. Besides this we also conduct Leadership Training and Advocacy Workshops, Personality Development Programmes and Seminars, Interpreting Services, Sign Language Seminars and Deaf Education Methodology Seminars for Schools, HIV Awareness Workshops, Deaf Women Empowerment and Legal Workshops for Deaf Women.


DEF has 9 centers in India namely Hyderabad, Chennai, Vijayawada, Vishakhapatnam, Thanjavur, Puducherry, Tiruchirappalli, Mumbai & Indore.


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