1. Sign Language Workshops

With an aim to build an inclusive workspace and bridge gaps of communication, Deaf EnAbled Foundation organises large scale Indian Sign Language training sessions for non-deaf corporate employees across the country. These session could vary from 45 minutes to 15 days and is led by our deaf instructors to ensure that the participants could have a hands on experience at signing. Our course modules include alphabets, numbers, sentences, greetings, colours, workplace conversations etc alongside a special session on deaf culture. Till date we have been able to successfully impart sign education to over 850+ employees working in reputable organisations such as Unilever, BOTVfx, CBIT etc under this initiative.

2. Interpreter Services

Deaf EnAbled Foundation provides Sign Language translation services for corporate events having deaf people in the audience and also for research purposes wherein the subjects are deaf. We also offer regular in-office interpretation for organisations hiring deaf individuals. We have provided interpreting support of organisations such as Telangana Police Department, High Court, Telangana, Tech Mahindra Limited, BITS Pilani, Microsoft, TV News Republic, NTPC etc.

3. Media Production

Relatively a new initiative, Deaf EnAbled Foundation helps in the preparation of audio-visual employee training modules for corporates hiring deaf people to help during their probation period. This provides an alternative for organisations that cannot afford the cost of deploying interpreter for a long duration of training period. Moreover, we are also providing translation services for content that is being made for the consumption of deaf audiences. We have helped Flipkart in creating an early training module for their deaf employees in the Indian Sign Language as a part of their workspace inclusivity programme.

4. Social Responsibility Assistance

The deaf community in India is deprived of quality education infrastructure thereby leading to higher rates of unemployment and poverty among deaf individuals. Deaf EnAbled Foundation collaborates with corporate organisations to not just improve literacy within the deaf community of India but also hosts numerous empowerment drives for deaf women, children, youth and the elderly to help them build dignified lives alongside generalising sign language communication in the society. We have worked with reputable organisations such as Tech Mahindra, RR Donnelley, Digient Technologies, Google etc to provide accessibility solutions for the community. If you wish to partner with us for the noble cause of building inclusivity, leave us a mail at [email protected]