Advisory Committee

John Peres
Academic Consultant

With a background in Hotel Management , John Peres has been involved in the field of social upliftment for the past 40 years. He has initiated and helped sustain many projects for the underprivileged and marginalized sections and is currently the Project Director for the Ranjan Project, which runs several centres in Delhi, Haryana and Bangalore offering supplementary education and training for the underprivileged to improve the educational and employability prospects of youth from these sections. He has also been involved in the field of training & education having conducted training seminars for students & teachers and children all over North India.
He takes keen interest in all the activities and encourages the Deaf Enabled Foundation to innovate and explore new models of vocation education to create sustainable livelihood for the deaf youth in India.
He plays multiple roles in Deaf Enabled Foundation and He is also Advisor to Talking Hands Restaurant and Talking Hands Café.