Education empowers the Deaf and helps them to live a meaningful and successful life. It equips the Deaf with skills and abilities that help them function on par with hearing persons. Without education Deaf persons are not able to communicate with others well or utilize their abilities and talents to the full.

The current education system for the Deaf has major gaps in communication. DEF believes in the bilingual system of education teaching both Indian Sign Language and English. This enables the Deaf person to socialize and work easily with hearing persons in their day to day lives.

Vocational Training courses include General English, Quality Computer Education , Placement Services and Practical Life Skill Training also DEF provides coaching classes for Intermediate & Degree Students

DEF is working towards a future in which more young Deaf persons can pursue specialized education.

A future is which Deaf persons are empowered and capable of choosing and kind of profession that appeals to them, working as equals with hearing persons.

DEF has trained 2276 deaf students since its inception in 2009. Of these 1913 deaf young persons were trained in Foundational Skills, 88 in Basic Computer Skills, 55 in Indian Sign Language, 28 in Architecture and AutoCAD and 66 in Tally. DEF also supported 12 deaf students in their study at NIOS, 24 in Intermediate courses and 90 in Degree courses. Other courses conducted by DEF include Advance Computers, DTP, DEO, Hardware PC and an Advanced English course.

DEF has grown and expanded its reach across 9 cities namely, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Thanjavur, Puducherry, Tiruchirappalli, Indore and Thane. Our aim is to reach as many Deaf persons as possible both in urban and rural areas.