Referral Interpreter Service

Sign language interpreting is a rapidly expanding field. Schools, government agencies, and private businesses employ sign language interpreters. Interpreters work in a variety of settings including medical, legal, religious, mental health, rehabilitation, performing arts, and business. Part-time, full-time, freelance and salaried positions are available in most metropolitan areas across the south India.

We provide sign language interpreters to Courts to interpret court proceedings, Public Meetings, corporate meetings, Police investigations etc.. We provide and contact referral interpreters who are available for your requirements for specific times and dates.

There is a need for a lot of Interpreters to bridge the gap between the Deaf and hearing persons. DEF wants to fill this need by providing a referral service for Interpreters in the cities:









New Delhi

These Interpreters are suitable for a one-to-one or on a one to a group basis. When a request is placed DEF will check the availability of the interpreters and respond to each request.​