DEF- Covid-19 Relief Support for the Deaf

Support for Deaf People who are affected during the lockdown:

As you aware of Coronavirus Outbreak amid Lockdown situation, drastically hitting the business, organisation, migrant workers and contract officers.

Among 5500 deaf people, 1200 deaf students who got placed and has been working in retail sectors, hospitality sectors etc. Now they got stuck and had to stay in a rented house. Currently, they are facing problems purchase the groceries, daily essential foods. The contract deaf employee is being stressed in financial crisis. Considering the costs of masks, it may not be possible for every poor family to purchase these things

Most of them are Deaf couple, deaf family and kids are needed to purchase the goods and other necessary materials. We are also supplying food grains to the needy poor families in the villages and Supply of Mask to remote villages (including especially for the community workers who engage in community services) Distribution of food grains and cooked food to the needy poor people in the villages to the deprived deaf people. Our team will be contacting local representatives to supply the food essentials to the needy,

Therefore, I request you to kindly support immediately to provide food and livelihood support for deaf labour/employees and their families affected by the lockdown.

Donations are made in choice of contributions:

Rs. 10,000/- ( support 4 deaf families)

Rs  20,000/- ( support 8 deaf families)

Rs. 30,000/- ( support 12 deaf families)

Rs. 50,000/- ( support 20 deaf families)

Other amount _______________________