International Persons With Disabilities Day

The International Day of the Deaf is of great importance to the Deaf community as it is a day especially dedicated to the Deaf. A peace rally is organized in order to raise awareness and sensitize the hearing people to the problems of the Deaf community. On this occasion week-long activities are held which include an Inter School Painting and Quiz Competition for the Deaf in all the four cities.

The highlight of the IDD Celebrations is the giving away of the Helen Keller’s Students Awards and the Annie Sullivan’s Teachers Awards. Each year the Deaf Enabled Foundation recognizes the work of outstanding students in various Deaf schools in Hyderabad and Chennai. The best student of each school is selected on the basis of all round performance in studies, sports, theater and other extracurricular activities. They are also gauged in their skills in communication and their effectiveness as a role model for the other children in the school.

Each child thus selected is given a plaque of recognition, a citation, and a scholarship amount for the next year. The positive impact of the award has been seen in the schools as the children strive for excellence. We have received a very heartening response from the schools and we look forward to carrying forward this very thrilling program.

The Annie Sullivan Teachers Award is named after the legendary teacher of Helen Keller. The award is a sign of our respect and appreciation for the years of dedicated service and support the teachers have given to the Deaf children in their care.