DEF-YLC (Youth Leadership Council)

DEF’s work with Deaf youth is centered on helping them develop a positive image and build their lives with confidence. DEF conducts regular seminars to prepare Deaf young people to handle and overcome the situations they will come across due to the disability of deafness.

The council provides Deaf youth across India the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, training, community awareness, theatre, and networking. All of these topics are critical to the future progress and development of the Indian Deaf community. The training and topics covered are based on real-life expectations and our concerns regarding the future of the deaf youth in India. The activities include Indoor games, puzzles and presentations related to deaf issues.

We are committed to provide strong and visionary leadership that encourages the youth to move forward and take advantage of the opportunity for training and personal development in order to succeed in their personal lives, employment and leadership within the deaf community.