Indian Sign Language Classes

Indian Sign Language Training for Deaf and Hearing Persons

DEF aims to bridge the gap between hearing and Deaf people in society. With this goal in mind, we provide Sign Language courses for anyone who is interested in learning it as a language. Sign Languages are the only fully accessible languages for deaf persons. Learning Indian Sign Language fluently helps him or her connect with other Deaf persons and the larger Deaf community. For a hearing person, learning Sign Language is an entirely different experience, but it is still a fun process that results in learning a new language to be able to communicate with the Deaf and hard of hearing people in one’s community.

This class is a requirement for those who wish to take up work as interpreters of Sign Language. In the near future there will be a need for many Sign Language Interpreters who will be interpreting at various public places such as hospitals, railway stations and police stations and inside the courts during proceedings that involve a Deaf person.

Short Term Course:

12 days of Saturday-only of classes for two hours – 3,000₹

1 month daily one hour classes – 3,000₹

Long Term Course:

3 months daily one hour classes – 3,000₹ per month

Online Course:

3 months Thrice a week one hour classes – 7,200₹ (36 hours)

ISL Admission Form

Indian Sign Language Interpreter Training

DEF welcomes hearing people interested in becoming interpreters. They will begin their training by taking our Indian Sign Language classes and doing some volunteer work in our office to ensure their understanding of sign language in a daily context. After they have gained experience and knowledge we offer positions to these qualified hearing interpreters in our offices to ensure communication between deaf and hearing persons. This is a great beginner program for anyone looking to go on to get a certification in interpreting.