Hello Everyone. This is Anusha & I’m 16. I’m immensely pleasured to be learning ISL professionally through Online classes . I knew sign language right from my childhood as my parents are deaf. Though I know the language, I wanted to know more depth, and learn professionally to interpret further. I learnt so many signs. And it was amazing for me to see my fellow batchmates signing so effortlessly who are very new to this language. I would also love to continue to the next level of this beautiful ISL journey of learning. This could happen all because of the way they teach and interact. We’re so thankful to Rasjog Sir for being so patient and very much interactive with all of us despite of asking many times for doubts and DEF for finding this way of inclusing sign language in today’s society. I’m hoping for you to be having many more countless batches of students learning over and spreading this nationwide.!!

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