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Our Achievements

DEF Training Centers Hyderabad, Vijayawada, etc..
Manpower Building 60+ Deaf staff 6 hearing staff etc..
Trained Deaf student candidates through etc..
Deaf students are today working in some etc..
Deaf Children participated in Competition Melas etc..
Deaf youth participated in Activities such as Adventure


Deaf Enabled Foundation

We are Deaf Enabled Foundation, an organization that is of the Deaf, for the Deaf and by the Deaf. It is our joy to share our desires, cares and needs with you.

You will find a few videos on our website, this is because we communicate through Indian Sign Language and this is the best way for us to share what we have to say with our Deaf brothers & sisters across India.

We welcome both the members of the Deaf community as well as the hearing people in our nation. Please do feel free to go through our website and if you have any queries you can send them to us. Thank you for giving us your time!


National Deaf Conference – 2018

National Association of the Deaf (NAD) along with Deaf Enabled Foundation (DEF) held a 3-day national level conference on Education, Youth Leadership and Women Empowerment for the Deaf from 17th to 19th August, 2018. The seminar witnessed some well-known figures like the Vice President of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), Dr. Joseph Murray and the President of the World Federation of the Deaf Youth Section (WFDYS), Mr. Mark Berry.


Education empowers the Deaf and helps them to live a meaningful…

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Women Empowerment

Deaf women across India suffer
a great deal due to their…

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Youth Leadership

DEF’s work with Deaf youth is
centered on helping them…

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Children Program

DEF believes that building up deaf children and preparing them…

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Advocacy Training

One of the major goals of DEF is Advocacy and creating…

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Sign Language Development

Learning Indian Sign Language is a necessity for a Deaf person…

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Health Awareness

We believe that learning about HIV-AIDS is a necessity in today’s…

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This is the primary need of the deaf community in India…

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Talking Hands

Talking hands is an initiative of Deaf Enabled Foundation With the support of B. Venkatesham, Secretary, Telangana State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
Enter the world of silence, where the deaf community showcase their culinary skills, Enjoying the ambiance with walls embedded with signs and pictures, which gets you a clear picture of the silent world of Deaf, here you talk with your hands and listen with your eyes .
We refrain from playing music so you can experience what absolute silence means.
Only place to see deaf Stewards, who will take your orders in sign language and teach you some basic signs which you can keep handy for next time as well.
So enjoy ordering food from the inviting menu using Gestures & Expressions.
Our staff will be delighted to have you at our restaurant for our luscious list of dishes
Enjoy the Artistry of Sign while you dine.

DEF communication Pvt Ltd

DEF communication Pvt Ltd, is an initiative run by deaf people with an aim of empowering deaf youth with the latest work culture by training them with latest skills which can help them secure a good job in this era.

Likewise, we also employee deaf persons so they can work along with us and earn good experience to stand still in the market.

We offer various digital services in terms of designing, graphics, animations and printing services.

You can buy our products by contacting us.


By donating to the Deaf Enabled Foundation, you will be showing your support for our vision of equity for deaf people and helping us to provide vital supports that improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing people across India.


Simply download the iOS or Android app when your Deaf Enabled Foundation arrives and you’re good to go.

+91 9703381112